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 Stephanie Poe, a 20 year veteran of all things "painterly".  Formal training began with Canada-based Mike MacNeil, a master decorative painter whose wood graining and marbling techniques have won him world wide acclaim.  She continued her training in Rome, studying the historical technique of Italian lime plastering.  A follow up trip to Venice for a more in-depth understanding of plastering. 


Poe continued her training while studying in Versailles at the elite school of Jean Sable learning the technique of painting trompe l'oeil from both Sable himself and Paul Finkelstein.  While in Versailles, she also had the opportunity to study the architectural techniques within the treasured palace. 


"I get inspiration from anything that has to do with the home.  The clients I adore are the ones who want an artful home - and I deliver that by taking everything I've learned all over the world to a new level."

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