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With an interest in European historical finishes, I focus on creating artwork to reflect such styles and bring these antique techniques to liven a home with a beautiful aspect of history. Traveling the world to enrich my understanding of how art has influenced interior design over time has allowed me to study and master the techniques of many cultures in my finishes. I am primarily self taught through observing and creating. I have also furthered my studies of wood graining and marbling techniques with world renown, Mike MacNeil. I then traveled through Rome and Venice to learn about Italian lime plastering, a technique I have grown and mastered over the years. I also studied in Versailles with Jean Sablé and Pierre Finkelstein where I learned trompe l’oeil techniques which pushes my artwork to a third dimension. Incorporating my love for historical finishes, I create bold designs full of life and originality. I have a broad range of diverse talents and interests including hand-painted floors, custom lighting and furniture, antiquing of mirrors, and impressionistic paintings with my coastal surroundings as inspiration.

Custom designed and finished furniture with endless possibilities. Antiqued or modern textures to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Jewelry inspired chandeliers and light fixtures. Impressionist paintings from coastal inspirations.

Each artistic floor is unique, specializing in marquetry and hand-painted floors. Incorporating intricate designs with a bold expression, a custom floor adds character and life to any space.

Historic and modern faux finishes such as wood grain, marbling, trompe loeil, shagreen, textured leathers, and Italian plasters.

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"I get inspiration from anything that has to do with the home.  The clients I adore are the ones who want an artful home - and I deliver that by taking everything I've learned all over the world to a new level."